Bob Hannah crossing Marty Smith, was taken in 1976

This photo is from Terry Good’s Instagram account who is historian motocross professor. This shot was taken in 1976. At photo, Bob Hannah displaying as he just passed Marty Smith. Marty Smith dominated the series winning every race but one, in 1975. Yamaha signed Hannah up in 1976, no one was expecting to see anything in the 125 class but a Red Tide hammer throw down by Marty Smith.

When Hannah was caught up in a big crash on lap one, Smith was lucky. Hannah made a great comeback despite re-entering the race nearly last lap. He caught and passed Marty Smith and crushed the class.

Hangtown’s old track was rough, sandy and wide, and Bob showed that he was relentless and fit. Also his water-cooled Yamaha’s prowess enhanced.

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