New GMAX Helmets features, prices and more

Hi, today we will talk about the helmets that new for sale. Let’s see the prices, features and more about this three helmets.

1- GMAX MX-46 Youth was designed in mind without sacrifing style or function. A shell features 19 vents for maximum airflow. Shell of helmet was made with lightweight poly-alloy. Helmet is avaible in two different graphics with multiple color options.GMAX MX-46 Youth Helmet is  DOT approved. Helmet comes with a three-year warranty.

The price is starting at $109,95.

GMAX MX-46 Youth

2- GMAX GM-11 helmet is designed to be a multi-purpose helmet. The interior of  the helmet features a Coolmax liner that is removable and washable and you can lift it up or lift down the face shield even when you’re using goggles. Helmet comes with a three-year warranty.

The price is $134,95.


3- GMAX MX-86 designed to keep rider comfortable in all contidions with only 2.9 pounds. The interior of the helmet features a SpaSoft Coolmax. Helmet is avaible in multiple colors. GMAX MX-86 Helmet have ECE standarts. Helmet comes with a three-year warranty .

The price is starting at $124,95.


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